Modular Wheelset System (MWS) & Powered Wheelsets

For years Nova-Tech has developed custom drive/steer wheelsets to meet a wide range of draw bar and load requirements. Wheelsets are used in groups or in conjunction with casters to provide a means to move large parts, tools and equipment throughout the factory for a variety of applications.

Nova-Tech has recently developed a family of compact, modular drive/steer wheelsets and controls called the Modular Wheelset System (MWS) that can be easily fitted to existing equipment (e.g. workstands, mobile robot platforms, etc.) to provide greater mobility, flexibility and safety while eliminating the need for forklifts or powered tugs.

Add mobility to your production operation with Nova-Tech’s MWS

Basic MWS System

  • Drive-steer wheelset(s)
  • An MWS can be configured with one to eight wheelsets
  • All-electric low-voltage power and controls system
  • Enclosed PLC controls
  • Battery system with charger
  • Operator-friendly tethered touchscreen pendant
  • Programming for customer-specific needs
  • Operation and Maintenance manuals
  • Training
  • Optional powered vertical lift available

Performance Specifications

  • Speed range
    Maximum 270 feet per minute (Custom speed solutions available)
    Minimum 6 inches per minute (Custom speed solutions available)
  • Single wheelset drawbar
    Maximum up to 2,500 lbs. intermittent
    Maximum up to 1,000 lbs. continuous
  • Payload support up to 7,000 lbs. per wheelset
  • Non-marking tire compound


  • A system can be reconfigured by changing the number of wheelsets
  • An MWS can be relocated to other equipment
  • An MWS can be integrated with Nova-Tech’s optional path-following
    guidance technology
  • MWS controls can be integrated with Emergency Stop system on
    other equipment

Steering Capability

  • Car or forklift
  • Parallel (crab)
  • Anti-parallel (allowing a pirouette about any operator-selected point)